Blue Tea Butterfly-Pea Flower Tea-High On Anti Oxidants

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"Butterfly pea flower is the flower of the clitoria ternatea plant, commonly known as blue Tea or butterfly Tea. The bright blue flower is used as a natural colouring in many recipes, as it is one of the most vivid blue colours to exist naturally anywhere in nature. Antioxidant properties One of the major benefits of consuming blue tea or butterfly pea tea is its antioxidant properties. Consuming antioxidant-rich foods is vital for health since they fight off free radicals, which are the primary reason for premature ageing of the body. health benefits of drinking this natural detox drink Anti-diabetic properties This tea is amazing for diabetic patients as it helps regulate blood sugar levels. A cup of blue butterfly tea taken in between meals will help regulate blood sugar levels. Reduces stress and anxiety Butterfly pea has been used for reducing stress and anxiety from ancient times. Drinking blue tea will help you feel relaxed and get a good night's rest. It also helps improve brain function and memory.

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